I can’t describe the thrill of releasing a new book! It’s like taking a roller coaster ride with an ice cream cone and an angel on my shoulder. It’s like the Big Bang, a universe born, expanding, filled with the unknown. But mostly it’s like I’ve worked really hard for a very long time on something so amorphous as to have once been a figment of imagination, where now it’s finally something real. Beam me up Scotty— poof! It’s a book!

 Cat Café – A body is found on the floor of the cat café and all the black cats are missing!

Cat Café, the 5th Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery is the story of a group of elderly people who are getting picked off, one by one, for no apparent reason. My hero, sixty-something cat shelter volunteer Lynley Cannon, becomes involved when her mom’s friend, the owner of the cat café is found dead at her business. Lynley sets about working hand in hand with a handsome detective of a similar age. Sparks fly, people die, cats cry, and the whole thing comes down to the old saying: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

The story touches on lots of subjects besides murder. Follow this blog for the next month to catch a few. How do you trap a feral cat? What is the best cat gear to wear to a café opening? Do you know the top ten hits of 1950? Just what is a cat café anyway? These questions and more will all be answered very soon.

Launch date for Cat Café, the 5th Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery is October 29th, National Cat Day. Pre-order your copy now!

If you’re in Portland Oregon or interested in jumping on a plane, I’m having a pre-launch party at Another Read Through independent bookstore on October 27 at 2:00. I will have advance copies of Cat Café to sign and sell, so you can get yours before anyone else!

For launch week, I’m going to blog hop around some of my fellow CWA members’ blogsites:

Oct. 29th– National Cat Day: The 1st day of the hop starts with Jeffy Jeffy Bad Boy (and Dusty Rainbolt). I can’t wait to see what JJBB asks me!

Oct. 30th: Melissa Lapierre interviews Lynley’s cats, all 8 of them! Blogger, Mochas, Mysteries and Meows

Oct 31: Why cat café? Patricia Fry  (the Klepto Cat mystery series) wants to know.

Nov. 1: Fun Questions with Amy Shojai, CABC

Nov. 2: Kathleen S. Mueller, the Traveling Dog (and Cat) Lady, reviews Cat Café, and we chat about 1950’s trivia.

And if that’s not enough, I started a special Cat Café board on Pinterest.

Are you excited yet? I am.



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