CAT WRITER JEFFYNE TELSON – You Won’t Believe This Update!

It isn’t often that someone I’ve interviewed suddenly becomes more famous than they were to begin with, but that’s the case with Jeffyne Telson, founder of RESQCATS, Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, care and adoption of stray and abandoned cats and kittens. Anyone with an interest in cats probably saw the Facebook post soliciting applications for a modestly paid job managing a cat shelter on a Greek island. The job was described as: “…scooping poop, cleaning vomit, and making heartbreaking decisions about gravely wounded or sick cats.”

40,000 people applied.

Jeffyne was selected.

Jeffyne won because she is truly amazing! Not only does she run her own cat sanctuary; not only has she written a book of wonderful, true stories of her cats; not only is she now going to another country to do hard work for cats; she is donating the salary she will receive back to the cats at God’s Little People Cat Rescue and paying for her own flights to and from Greece.

In the spirit of this fantastic, selfless adventure, I’m posting a link to my interview with Jeffyne, so those who missed it the first time around can get to know this remarkable person a little better.

Best of luck, Jeffyne! Send pictures!




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6 Responses to CAT WRITER JEFFYNE TELSON – You Won’t Believe This Update!

  1. Bless this woman for working with rescue kitten and cats

  2. Marjorie Dawson says:

    I am not sure if this is your Sunday Selfie as I can’t find the badge but I will say hello and Happy Sunday Selfies here as this lady is so amazing.

  3. It shows the love and commitment out there for our street companions. A applaud her actions, and do not envy some of the decisions she will need to make along the way, even though they will be for the best, they will take their toll. I wish her every success, and her new extended family, a happy life together.

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      I remember when the ad for the job posted, how everyone was saying it was a dream job. I think most of them overlooked the hard work and yes, even anguish, the job would entail. Jeffyne is perfect for it.

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