Do you remember a while ago when I ran a product review on the Cat Amazing treat puzzle toy? Well, to this day, every morning Tyler sits in the living room and mrows until I give him his Cat Amazing! And in spite of months of constant use by a very aggressive kitty, it still looks like new. What could top that?

Cat Amazing EPIC! That’s what! The guys (and cats) at Cat Amazing have been hard at work taking all our feedback, feline and human, and rolling it into a new model of food puzzle toy called EPIC! Here’s the official press release:

“October 7, 2018 – New Jersey-based pet startup Cat Amazing announces the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its newest feline enrichment product – Cat Amazing EPIC! – the puzzle feeder designed to bring the stimulation of natural hunting behaviors to indoor cats.”*

*You can read the full press release below.


As you may know, I rarely run endorsements or product reviews on my blog, because I am a cat mystery writer, and that doesn’t leave much time for anything else. The Cat Amazing company is an exception. Not only is it ecologically-minded, cat-health-oriented, and run by cats; Cat Amazing gives back to the community. Their Shelter & Rescue Enrichment Program provides puzzles to shelter cats awaiting adoption, with the aim of giving them a way to release energy in a healthy way.

Mooky: Innovation Architect

The inspiration & brains behind Cat Amazing. Mooky’s attire is always formal, but the air of superiority is quite casual. An enlightened and entrepreneurial cat.

Zeke: Head of QA

Professional shredder with seven years’ experience, Zeke leads the Quality Assurance department. If it survives Zeke, it will survive anything.

The Cat Amazing EPIC! Kickstarter campaign launches today, October 16th! Hop on over to to check out this new cat food puzzle toy for yourself.



Disclosure: If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, we will receive our very own Cat Amazing EPIC! (Tyler can’t wait!) as well as an EPIC! sent to a shelter or rescue of our choice as a thank you for posting this honest promotion. I was offered a portion of any Kickstarter proceeds produced through my sites but turned it down because my blog is strictly not for profit.




Oct 7, 2018

Source: Cat Amazing

Cat Amazing Brings the Hunt Indoors with EPIC! – the Ultimate Puzzle Feeder for Cats

Cat Amazing introduces the ultimate boredom-buster for indoor cats by bringing the stimulation & activity of the hunt indoors — with the interactive puzzle feeder treat maze, Cat Amazing EPIC! — Crowdfunding begins October 16th on

October 7, 2018 – New Jersey-based pet startup Cat Amazing announces the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its newest feline enrichment product – Cat Amazing EPIC! – the puzzle feeder designed to bring the stimulation of natural hunting behaviors to indoor cats.

In the wild, cats use all their mental and physical abilities to procure their food by hunting – but indoors cats trade the stimulation of the hunt for the ease of the food-bowl. Chronic boredom is a detrimental condition afflicting indoor cats, resulting in behavioral problems like aggression and destructiveness, and stress-related behaviors like excessive grooming, crying and listlessness. Unlimited access to the food bowl also results in overeating and eating too quickly. Cat Amazing EPIC! seeks to address both these problems by bringing the challenge of the hunt indoors!

“By bringing the challenge of the hunt indoors, Cat Amazing EPIC! provides the stimulation and enrichment cats often lack in the home.” says Cat Amazing Founder & CEO, Andrey Grigoryev, who’s own two rescue cats’ need for enrichment in a tiny studio apartment inspired the creation of the company. “EPIC! stimulates natural feline behaviors to explore, scratch, sniff and retrieve hidden rewards.”

Behind its stunning modern design, Cat Amazing EPIC! is meticulously crafted to the last detail. EPIC! easily assembles into three levels and seven compartments where treats and dry kibble are be hidden. The heavy-duty double-layer cardboard outer shell contains openings of various shapes and sizes, strategically positioned to provide access to the treats inside, compelling kitty to work their paws and brains for their tasty rewards. The internal compartments can be rearranged to adjust the difficulty level to match kitty’s abilities – from Easier to Harder – and the setting is shown on the Level Indicator. Keeping to Cat Amazing’s eco-conscious promise, the EPIC! Is 100% biodegradable without sacrificing durability or longevity, and is printed with plant-based, cat-safe inks.

Cat Amazing EPIC! has been nearly a year in the making, and has been a hit with countless cat beta-testers. It launches on Kickstarter on the 16th of October, 2018. Cat parents have a great chance to back the project and benefit from a 30% discounted price, and to provide their cats a happy and enrichment-filled life.

A portion of all Cat Amazing proceeds toward funding the company’s Shelter & Rescue Enrichment Program, which provides enrichment products to cats awaiting adoption, as well as educational materials to new cat parents. Aggressive and destructive behaviors in the home are a top reason why cats are tragically returned to shelters (ASPCA Rehoming Survey). The Cat Amazing Shelter & Rescue Enrichment program aims to address this problem with toys that help shelter cats socialize in advance of adoption and learn to release their energy in healthy ways.

All information about the features of the product and consumer feedback are available at the product launch website at


Media Contact: 

Andrey Grigoryev

CEO and Founder


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  1. Wow, talk about taking fun to the next level… this does look awesome and a great big house full of fun or frustration. Does it come with mice? MOL

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