CATS AT COMIC-CON: Part 3, Cat Fans

Last but not least on my tour of all things cat at Rose City Comic-con are the fans! I wish I’d taken more pictures, because the variation of comic-con clientele wearing cat-themed clothing was beyond my wildest expectations. Some were costumes of cat characters, where others were mash-ups, and still others wore cat print tees, dresses, or leggings, just because cat. Unfortunately I was too busy having fun to get all the shots I could want.

The many incarnations of the Cat Woman character went from authentic to comical.


Artist Abby Denson wore this fashionable black cat print scarf.


This guy had created his own character, Captain Cat!


A Doctor Who mashup tee with, the cat box in place of the police box.


Alien riding a kitten tee on a big guy accompanied by a princess.

A goth, witchy, black cat vest.


If you  missed the previous parts of this blog, THE CATS OF COMIC-CON, here they are:

CATS AT COMIC-CON: Part 1, The Art

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And yes, I already have my tickets for next year!


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6 Responses to CATS AT COMIC-CON: Part 3, Cat Fans

  1. Fun looking at your collection of photos and the different people in them expressing their love of cats.

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time and really entered into the spirit of the event! Just finished reading Cate Cafe, and LOVED it. Great story line and tense and exciting too! Looking forwards to the next!

  3. Valentine says:

    Kitty fans come in all walks of life, that’s fur sure! Mom totally needs to go the next CatCon! Mom says it would be fun to dress up like Cat Woman from the vintage Batman and Robin TV show.

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