This was going to be a docu-post, following cats I saw on the streets here in Mazatlan, but street sightings have always been rare, and this time, non-existent. Cats aren’t popular here, the locals preferring dogs. Often it’s thanks to visitors that the cats get any care at all.

There is a shelter here, Amigos de los Animales, who tries to do their best, but right now they have over 100 cats and kittens in their care. There is one nice colony room, but the others are kept in cages. Hopefully they will adopted, but like everywhere else, most people want kittens. They are working on spay and neuter here, but have a long way to go, especially since the climate is conducive to a year-round kitten season.

Many of the cats are shy, and some feral. Some are friendly, and I was barraged with requests for attention.

One cat immediately caught my eye, an old black boy with a bad eye and no teeth. His whiskers were matted and his fur filthy. I did what I could to wash his face, and he was very sweet about it, though not so much with the body mats. I gave him fresh water and when I came back later, he was sleeping. I wanted to rescue him, save him, fix him, but I can’t. I even looked up how to adopt from Mexico, but honestly I don’t have the money or time. It breaks my heart, but at least he is safe and fed. And today he has clean whiskers.

There was one cat at the shelter who has the run of the place. She showed off in her sun spot for some nice pictures. She will certainly be adopted.

The volunteers have made a cat climber out of netting, and the cats treat it like a hammock. This one is King, at least for the moment.

Things are improving here for cats but it’s slow. If you vacation somewhere like this, consider spending a little time helping out at the local shelter.

UPDATE: Today while on our walk, we finally ran into a street cat! Stay tuned for CATS OF MAZATLAN 2!






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10 Responses to CATS OF MAZATLAN

  1. Brian Frum says:

    I amunsure glad they have someplace to get some care and some food.

  2. Bernadette says:

    At least there is a modern shelter for them, not banks of cages and an early death. Hopefully feline popularity will arrive there too.

  3. Erin The Cat says:

    So many cats and thankfully some care and love. It seems at times that the rules about adopting are way too strict. I do hope that senior guy gets a chance at a new life, too.

  4. chrisscatmeow says:

    I got upset when you were talking about the old cat what a shame to have to be left with all those matts and especially to have no forever home. You done your best and showed him some well needed love. I would be like you and want to rescue them all. I would definitely go abroad and help but atlas im carer for my 21 year old son.

  5. Colehaus Cats says:

    Sweetest kitties and beautiful photos! That would be heartbreaking and we would try to figure out a way to raise money or at least raise awareness by local shelters that there are kitties very much in need. Thank you for cleaning that boy’s face and making his day a little brighter.

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      I will not forget him. An attempt to transfer cats from ADLA to a Portland shelter went nowhere because of the difficulty crossing borders. Good idea thinking of ways to raise awareness. I’ll work on that.

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