It’s snowing again in Portland. Not much, just a few flakes, but enough to remind us it isn’t really spring even though green things are poking up through the soil. There are some early flowers in bloom, purple crocus and snowdrops, but today we are reminded of why they call them “snow” drops.

A day like today calls for relaxing in the warmth of home. And how better to do that than read a cat story or two with a cat on your lap? And how much more fun would it be if some of those stories were a bit edgy and thought-invoking. Cat people know that underneath all that floof is a multifaceted beast that may well have hailed from another planet.

Yes, you guessed it. I’m leading into promotion for a new bundle of cat stories coming out today. It’s called CAT TALES #1, and will soon be followed by CAT TALES #2 AND #3.

Steve Vernon, the coordinator of the bundles, is a writer and cat person himself, and when we discovered we had twin kitties, (the lovely cover model for the bundle) I decided it was a good time to introduce my clowder to a new group of cat fans.

(More about Cat Tales #1 later in the post)

I currently have 3 cats living with me: Little, Tyler, and Blaze.

LITTLE is the sweet girl I’ve had the longest.

AGE: 13

COLORS: Black with white pendent.

FAVORITE PASTIME: Playing with a sparkly ball in the bath tub.

PHILOSOPHY ON LIFE: “I’m the queen.”


TYLER came from the Humane Society about 2 years ago.

AGE: 15 or 19— I’ve received varying opinions, and it’s hard to tell since he has no teeth.

COLORS: Brown tiger tabby.

FAVORITE PASTIME: Sleeping and playing with his Cat Amazing food puzzle toy.



BLAZE has only been with us since March and is still wondering.

AGE: 10

COLORS: Tuxedo

FAVORITE PASTIME: Lying on my chest, purring loudly.



Now to the bundle. I love the stories I’ve read so far and can’t wait to read the rest. There are nine total by authors Steve Vernon, Jamie Ferguson, Thea Hutcheson, Deb Logan, Michael R.E. Adams, Dara Girard, Linda Jordan, De Kenyon, and myself. Check the BundleRabbit site for the full list of titles and covers.

Also available from the following sellers:

Amazon –

Kobo –

Apple –

Barnes & Noble –

Grab up a copy, find a warm spot to relax with a cat on your lap, and enjoy a few Cat Tales!




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8 Responses to CATS AND CAT TALES

  1. Brian Frum says:

    Tails and tales are always fun!

  2. Just bought this from Amazon UK, so look forward to reading them. Mini heatwave here in UK, certainly for the time of the year, and no sign of snow yet either. Probably will come over from Portland next month, then we can cuddle up and read those stories 🙂

  3. retrodee says:

    Definitely will keep these in mind as I do a lot more reading now. We got a new kitty last monday and she’s between 2 and 3 yrs old and thinks she’s a kitten!

  4. Steve Vernon says:

    Reblogged this on YOURS IN STORYTELLING… and commented:
    Any cat lovers out there?
    Mollie Hunt, one of the authors in my latest bundle, CAT TALES, has this to say about her twin black cats.

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