A little while ago I sent out a teaser for the Cosmic Cat cover reveal. Now that Cosmic Cat is safely off to the editor, it’s definitely time to show off the beautiful cover.

And here it is!

Back Cover:

 I asked my cats what they thought of the new cover, but they were noncommittal.

Well, cat opinions aside, I love this painting by cat artist Leslie Cobb, and the colorful motif works perfectly with the whimsical comic-con theme of Cosmic Cat.

When a superhero cosplayer falls to his death at a comic con, Lynley is left holding the bag— and a cat!

 The name of cover painting is, “Ready for my Close-up”, © 2014 by Leslie Cobb. The cat in this painting resembles the kitty who plays a big part in Cosmic Cat,  Kitty. She is a sweet, elderly girl who finds herself homeless when her people are murdered. Lynley takes her in, not realizing Kitty hates other cats! Since Lynley’s clowder numbers eight already, the conflict creates a massive conundrum. But don’t worry, it’s a cozy mystery so it all works out in the end.

The real story of the painting is something quite different. Here is Leslie’s account:

“Lexi was originally rescued by my friend Cathy Ramsey, who was a tireless advocate for animals who saved many lives over the years. After Cathy passed away in 2012, some of her cats, including Lexi, came to Shadow Cats. Lexi now lives in Cookie’s Place, the area within Shadow Cats Rescue for cats who have Feline Leukemia. On the Shadow Cats website there’s a link to a live Kitty Cam where people can watch the cats in Cookie’s Place, and Lexi is happy to be front and center!”

 Coming this fall: Cosmic Cat, the 6th Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery

Who killed Captain Cat?

His tribe, the Planet Avengers, want to know.

The costumed crusaders are out to save the world and have been known to ruffle a few feathers, but so far, only cat shelter philanthropist Esmae Westhouse has been accused of the crime. Esmae isn’t talking. Is that because she’s guilty, or is she covering for someone.

To determine if the death was a personal affair or something much more insidious,

Lynley dons her Star Trek uniform to go undercover with the vigilante cosplayers, but when another of the Avengers is killed, things happen fast, and Lynley finds herself on the wrong end of murder.

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  1. retrodee says:

    It looks like my Holly! 🙂

  2. Debbie says:

    Purrfect! Love the cover. Best wishes with your upcoming release.

  3. Catwoods says:

    I like this! The red colors enhance the cat’s beautiful green eyes and gray fur!

  4. Bernadette says:

    How exciting! Your cats just don’t want you to get all caught up in your ego.

  5. Really do love the cover, the colours and design are brilliant! Great work and can’t wait for it to hit the shelves! Any hints as to book 7?
    Purrs from fans
    ERin & Mrs H

  6. Brian Frum says:

    That cover is totally adorable, congrats!

  7. Timmy Tomcat says:

    A wonderful cover and we will be looking forward to the release
    Timmy and Family

  8. Valentine says:

    Ooh Miss Mollie, the colors for your book cover are so vibrant and pretty! Mom and I like the cover a lot! That is really neat that you got to use Miss Leslie’s artwork. Purrs.

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