Chanel aka Crash.

Oh, boy! Today was a long one, but it went by fast as we listened, learned, networked, and socialized.

The day began with an inspiring talk from our sponsor Purina’s Dr. Janet Jackson and Dr. Kurt Venator. I like Purina products, but had no idea how much research goes into them. They have done life studies with cats! I suppose when one has been in business for 120 years, a 9-year study is expected.

One thing I learned is that they are having success with herpes cats using the probiotic supplement Fortaflora. This will be extremely useful in shelters.


Drs. Venator and Jackson with CWA president Deb Barnes.

The next two workshops involved marketing and selling our books, a necessary evil for writers. Lisa Miller of Amphora Publishing told us, Know yourself; know your audience.

Our keynote speaker was Dr. Debra Horwitz, DVM, addressing cat behavior and improving Cats’ well-being. I’m always intrigued by cat behavior and learned some new things from this knowledgeable doctor. Did you know only housecats and lions use the tail-up stance expressing happiness? I didn’t.

Kevin Tumilson, author and marketing person for Draft2digital publishers gave a good talk in indie publishing, with the spotlight on D2D, of course. I have just put my books on D2D so it was interesting to see what more they might do for me. Btw Kevin once wrote a 60000 word book in a day!

After dinner, several cat writers participated in a book sale and signing to benefit the Humane Society of Missouri. I love in-person book events where I get to meet people who might like my books. Do you like to meet authors in person? What would it take to attract you to come to a book sale?

Janiss Garza and Summer.

Debbie De Louise, mystery writer.

Patricia Fry, Klepto Cat series.

Cat photographer Larry Johnson.

I’ll leave you with some more cat pictures. Until tomorrow, Kittens.

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  1. Brian Frum says:

    Such a wonderful and educational day!

  2. catladymac says:

    It’s nice to see the people who go with some favorite books and cats !

  3. So many great authors and fine felines to meet, as well as industry professionals— totally envious. Very interesting about Fortiflora: I wonder if that will be publicised more, as well as the studies Purina do on food in general as I think folks would really like to know more on the matter. D2D sounds most interesting—maybe CWA or you could enlarge on that subject for us at some point?
    Thanks for a lovely report

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