Today was the final day of the CWA Conference, another jam-packed schedule beginning with the CWA business meeting. Yes, business is necessary even for cat writers. I won’t bother you with details.

The first presentation of the day was from Tomlyn about their line of pre- and pro-biotics, and immune support products. Up until now, I’ve only used probiotics when kitties have a GI issue, but it has many more uses for maintaining general health. I’m planning on doing a more in-depth post about Tomlyn products later.

Dr Jennifer Kasten, Tomlyn Technical Services Veterinarian.

The second presentation was by Bonnie Koenig, with whom I worked a few years ago when she used my story, The Dream Spinner, in her Fantastic Feline Heroes bundle. Her talk was on bundling, which is a bit like an anthology, but for e-stories. It was suggested CWA puts together a bundle of members’ works!

Loving cat photography as I do, I was very much looking forward to the presentation by award-winning photographer Larry Johnson. I bought his book last night at the book sale. His pictures of cats are astounding!

Larry Johnson, cat photography

After lunch, Patricia Fry, Sandy Murphy, Debbie De Louise, and I presented our fiction panel. It was a lot of fun to answer questions about writing fiction. Interesting how each of us had different yet similar answers to questions like, Where do you get your ideas? and How do you write dialog?

Janiss Garza and Jessica Spawn gave us insights on how to use Instagram for business. I’m Instagram-illiterate, so I can’t wait to try some of their ideas.

I was sorry to miss the last presentation, Bob Barker, Hypnotic Marketing, but I’m exhausted and still have the banquet and awards later tonight…

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  1. So much going on— I am quite envious. I hope you all have a wonderful banquet and awards night.
    Lots of purrs

  2. Brian Frum says:

    CWA sure is doing it up right!

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