I am one among many who had an excellent time at the recent Cat Writers’ Association Conference in St. Louis.  I’ve heard so many compliments about the speakers, the swag, the book-signing and raffle, and the overall spirit of comradery, but none of it could have happened without sponsors who believe in CWA’s importance to the cat universe. By sponsoring us with money, gifts, and awards, they made it possible to put on a first-class event.

Here is the spectacular sponsor list, including the many things they donated. Take a look at all the major cat players who took time and expense to contribute to cat-based creativity:

Alley Cat Rescue – Bronze Sponsor and Swag: Fire Rescue Stickers.  @alleycatrescueinc @alleycatrescue

~I put up the fire rescue sticker first think when I got home. If you don’t have one, I strongly suggest getting one. This, posted on your front door, tells fire and rescue people how many animals they should be looking for in case of emergency.

American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) – Silver Sponsor and Special Award Sponsor: AAFP Cat Friendly Award. @CatVets @CatFriendlyHomes

CATalyst Council – Silver Sponsor and Special Award Sponsor: CATalyst Council Connection Award. @CatalystCouncil

Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) – Gold Sponsor and Swag: Cat Talk Magazine/CFA Cat Show listing sheet, and Special Award Sponsor: CWA President’s Award @CFAOrg @CFACats

 CatLadyBox – Swag Sponsor – Cat Lady License Plate Frame. @catladybox

~I can’t wait to get this on my car!

Catster/Belvoir Media Group – Bronze Sponsor and Special Award Sponsor: Lorie Huston Health Award. @catster @catstermag

Ceva Animal Health, LLC – Gold Sponsor and Swag: Feliway and Catego; $500 donation to HSMO fundraiser. @YouLoveYourCatCeva @Ceva_USA

Clawguard – Swag Sponsor: Beverage Koozie & Coupon. @clawguard

Cornell University Feline Health Center – Silver Sponsor and Special Award Sponsor: Dr. Jim Richards Cornell Feline Health Center Veterinary Issues Award. @CornellFelineHealthCenter   @cornellcats @CornellUniversity

Cuddle Clones – Giveaway Raffle Prize for HSMO fundraiser – Cuddle Clones custom pet. @cuddleclones

~Paula Gregg of Sweet Purrfections had Cuddle Clones made of her cats Truffle & Brulee to bring to the conference!

Door Buddy – Bronze Sponsor. @thedoorbuddy

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat – Silver Sponsor and Swag: cleanprotein dry kibble and Purrfessor cat swag; HSMO donation: cleanprotein cat food and litter coupons. @PreciousCatLitters @CatAttract @DrElseys

Fear Free Pets – Platinum Sponsor, Swag: Free month Fear Free membership flyer and Special Awards Sponsor: -Fear Free Pets Award (increased to $2500 for anniversary conference) -Fear Free Cat Enrichment Award (increased to $2500 for anniversary conference) @FearFreePets @fearfreehappyhomes @DrMartyBecker

Four Paws – Swag Bag Sponsor – Four Paws® Love Glove Grooming Mitt for Cats. @FourPawsBrand @FourPawsBrand @fourpawsbrand

GoodNewsForPets / Germinder + Associates – Emerald Sponsor and Swag: catnip toys, and Special Award Sponsor: Human-Animal Bond Award. @GerminderPR @goodnewsforpets 

~Blaze is so funny! He likes the big toys, but will go after this tiny catnip treat from Germinder & Assoc. with all paws blazing!

Hartz Mountain Corporation – Swag Bag Sponsor: Cattraction with Silver Vine & Catnip kicker cat toys; HSMO fundraiser donation – cat and dog toys, grooming aids, small pet bedding and food, flea shampoo and more for a total of $2500 @HartzPets @hartzpets

~The Hartz Cattraction magic unicorn sea horse is also a big hit with Blaze!

 International Veterinary Sciences (IVS) – Swag Bag Sponsor: Cat Wipes. @ivspet 

Meat Me/Gentle Harvest – Gold Sponsor and Swag: Bookmark and ground treats; $250 for HSMO fundraiser. @meatmepetfood  

Meowijuana – Swag Bag Sponsor: sample Meowijuana baggies; HSMO donation – Meowijuana stickers. @Meowijuana @meowijuanaville @meowijuanallc

 My Lap Pet Bed – (1) MyLap Pet Bed Giveaway Raffle Prize for HSMO fundraiser and (1) for the CWA raffle at the awards banquet. @MyLapPetBed

Petco Foundation – Gold Sponsorship Grant. @PetcoFoundation

PetSafe – Giveaway Raffle Prize for CWA (2) Pagoda drinking fountains; HSMO Raffle (1) Pagoda drinking fountain. @PetSafeBrand @PetSafe @petsafe

 Pet Sitters International (PSI) – Silver Sponsor and Special Award Sponsor: The PSI Professional Pet Care Award. @PetSittersInternational @PetSittersIntl

 Pet Tree Houses LLC – Giveaway Raffle Prize for HSMO fundraiser: Deluxe Kitty Cat Tree Condo. @PetTreeHouses @Pet TreeHouse @pettreehouses 

Pioneer Pet Products – Gold Sponsor and Swag: Nip Nibblers, and Special Award Sponsor: Smartcat All Natural Litter Training Award. @Pioneer-Pet-Products @Pioneer_Pet

Purina – Emerald Sponsor and Swag: Purina water tumblers stuffed with cat toys, a usb drive with information and multi-media content, Fancy Feast coupons. @Purina @purina

Sleepypod® – Silver Sponsor and Special Award Sponsor: Sleepypod Traveler Award; $100 donation to HSMO fundraiser. @sleepypod

Sturdi Products – Commemorative 25th-anniversary neck wallets and LE SturdiBag for HSMO fundraiser raffle and CWA awards banquet raffle.  @SturdiProducts @Sturdi_products @sturdiproducts

The International Cat Association (TICA) – Gold Sponsor and Special Award Sponsor: Kari Winters Rescue and Rehabilitation Award. @TheInternationalCatAssociation @TicaCats

Tomlyn Veterinary Science – Platinum Sponsor and Swag: L-Lysine Gel and the Relax and Calm. @TomlynPets  

The tube of Tomlyn Immune Support gel didn’t come with the swag, but was given to me at their display table when I mentioned I had a cat with chronic conjunctivitis. The L-lysine formula may help with that.

Triple T Studios – Silver Sponsor and Special Award Sponsor: All Cats Big and Small Award. @TheTiniestTiger

Vital Essentials Raw – Swag Sponsor – bags of minnows and rabbit bites, along with an information sheet with special offer. VitalEssentialsRaw

With Arden Moore and Casey. Photo credit: Larry Johnson

World’s Best Cat Litter – Silver Sponsor and donated the bags for swag, donated to HSMO fundraiser: cat litter, litter mats, and t-shirts, and Special Award Sponsor: World’s Best Cat Litter-ary Award. @WorldsBestCatLitter @BestCatLitter

~And by now, we all know who won the World’s Best Cat Litter-ary Award. Thanks, WBCL!

Zen Clipper – Swag Bag sponsor: Zen Clipper- a sizing card and a write up asking for bloggers to partner for reviews. @ZenClipper @PetInnov

Wow! What a line-up! These are businesses who think beyond the buck and care about the welfare of cats and their humans. Thank you, one and all!

And, oh yeah – is anyone else still saving their CWA cookie? I just don’t have the heart to eat it…


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  1. Debbie De Louise says:

    A “purr”fect post, Mollie. I’m still sending thank you notes to all the wonderful sponsors, speakers, and hotel reps. It was a great conference, and so many people helped make it so.

  2. Timmy Tomcat says:

    That is a long list of really great sponsors. We hope some day to have a cat writer in the house

  3. Brian Frum says:

    That is sure an impressive list and how wonderful they support the writers!

  4. jowensauthor says:

    Quite the impressive list. They sure did a lot to help out the conference. And wow, that is some great swag!

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