Yes, there has been lots happening, what with the CWA Conference and all it entails, but life goes on for Lynley Cannon. The sixty-something cat shelter volunteer has been busy  caring for cats, going to cosplay parties, getting chased, and of course witnessing a few murders!

When a superhero cosplayer falls to his death at a comic con, Lynley is left holding the bag— and a cat!)

It’s Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery #6, Cosmic Cat! Here’s an excerpt:

“Miz C!” came a familiar and welcome voice as a young man with red hair and a huge smile set a cat carrier on the table in front of me.

“Oh, Freddie!” I exclaimed. “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.”

“There’s a traffic jam all the way down Grant Street. What’s the deal anyway? There must be a million cop cars outside…” The boy stopped dead. I followed his gaze to—‌what else? —‌the body. “Sheesh. Is he…?”

“Yes, looks like there’s been a bit of a murder,” I said unnecessarily. “I’m surprised you made it in.”

A sly smirk played across his lips. “I snuck through the back.”


“I did a gig here a while back, loading in bands for the Blues Festival. I had lots of time to explore the building. I thought the information might come in handy someday.”

Freddie’s attention was still pinned to Captain Cat. “Why is he in costume?” His green-eyed gaze swiveled to me, and he broke into a grin. “But I see he’s not the only one.”

“It’s a comic-con,” I explained with a blush, realizing how I must look to an outsider: an old woman in cape and cat ears, the Blue Protector persona dwindling into a dress-up wannabe in the stark light of day. But Freddie of all people should understand. He worked in the film industry and must see weirder and wilder all the time.

Except that in the movies, the dead people are only acting, I mourned.


When Lynley attends a local comic-con to help her friend sell costumes for cats, she has no idea the dark turn of events to come.

She dresses up in costume to infiltrate a band of activists who may be responsible for the death of their Captain Cat!

But she doesn’t know who to trust.

Meanwhile Lynley gathers two new cats, Kitty and Montero, for her already-overflowing clowder of eight!

And maybe a kitten?


Cosmic Cat, coming soon! I don’t have a date yet, but will certainly let you know.

Enter to be a character in Cosmic Cat!*****



*****And the winner is…. erinthecatprincess !!!! 

ERin, please email Mollie at to get set.


Have you always wanted your name in print? Wanted to be a book character? Know someone who would love the surprise of finding their name in a book? You can enter to win just that! All you have to do to be entered is write something in the comment section of this blog. The winner will be announced soon. Please state whether you would like to be a hero or a villain.

Need to catch up of the Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery series?

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  1. jowensauthor says:

    A murder mystery at a comic-con sounds fun. I’d love to be in it as a hero – maybe as one of the con attendees since I could easily see myself going to it, having been to a couple of cons before.

  2. You are spoiling us with so many teasers as to the new story and cover. Thank goodness real life does not match the fiction. . . . or does it????
    Lots of suspenseful purrs

  3. Yvon says:

    Hello Mollie, like this action!
    I think Charlie would love to be mentioned in one of your books, ofcourse as a hero!
    ’cause He is my hero and helped me through difficult times as I joined him and Humanmom 🙂
    Love from Annie

  4. Brian Frum says:

    That sounds like a terrific story!

  5. chrisscatmeow says:

    Sounds like an exciting read can’t wait to read your book. Oh I would love to be mentioned as a hero in your book how wonderful that would be. I could imagine how proud my son would be.Christine.x😻🐾💜

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