I recently ran a contest for the winner to be mentioned as a character in my upcoming Crazy Cat Lady mystery, Cosmic Cat. We had many enthusiastic entries, but there was a bit of a snag when I went to get Tyler to choose the winner! He was napping and refused to wake up!

I hoped for better from Blaze, but he was busy with his catnip knot.


There was only one thing to do- draw the name myself!

Well, I do have opposable thumbs, which is helpful in picking out a single slip of paper from a pile. I did my best, without looking of course…

And the winner is….

a cat!

I really wasn’t expecting the winner of the character contest to be a cat. I’d assumed it would be a human, either someone who would enjoy having their name in the book, or possibly giving a family member’s name in tribute. That would be easy. There are several minor characters, both hero and villain, whose names I could have changed to the winner’s. But a cat character was a whole different story, and since Erin is a real cat princess, keeping her nobility was an added conundrum.

But that’s what writer’s do- they make stuff up. I ended up creating a whole new scene for dear Erin, and she deserves nothing less. Cosmic Cat will be out soon (Launch date still TBA) so be sure to look for Erin the Cat Princess, because you will be in the elite position of knowing the story behind the story.

Cosmic Cat, the 6th Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery

When a superhero cosplayer falls to his death at a comic con, Lynley is left holding the bag— and a cat!

Who killed Captain Cat? His tribe wants to know.

When the Captain is murdered  at Bridgetown Comic-con and philanthropist Esmae Westhouse is arrested for the crime, sixty-something cat shelter volunteer Lynley Cannon steps out of her comfort zone and dons her Star Trek uniform to expose the real killer.

A decade-spanning love triangle, a band of vigilante cosplayers, a shady pharmaceutical company, and an ancient black cat named Kitty tie into a puzzling plot that has Lynley running in all directions. The death of Captain Cat is only the beginning, and Lynley must stay one step ahead of a ruthless hit man if she is to make it out alive.


Meet Erin the Cat Princess

Age: Well, like all ladies I am a bit younger than my age of nine—eight would be nice 🙂

Potted History: I was living rough as a stray, age 3, though at some point I did have a family as I had been chipped, though they never bothered to register it.

Whilst I was living rough in the suburbs of Leicester, UK, I fell pregnant. It was a particularly cold and wet and nasty winter, and I was found struggling with my young kittens in someones garden. I was rescued and taken to a local shelter (Woodside Animal Centre) just before Christmas, where my kittens were weened and found homes. I had injuries to both my ears from living rough, necrosis in one from either frost bite or burn, and puncture wounds in the other. Both could have been cruelty related, but they could not tell exactly, but I do have a dislike for many people/strangers.

Anyways, I had to have them chopped off, to varying degrees. Alas, I think my raggedy looking ears and very tired lean figure, from being on the streets, put off the visitors to the shelter, and they all passed me by. I spent Christmas on my own and then found a new home in February the following year.

Likes: That is easy. I love cream, mice, small birds and the jelly from only one kind of pouch food. I like waking Mrs H up early to play with my mice that I bring home, generally at 2am.

Dislikes: All traffic and strangers and loud noises. The palace is a really quiet place, in fact so quiet I can hear a mouse breath!  I dislike all wet cat food meats that I have tried to date. Whilst I like high protein kibble foods, like Orijen, I do not like raw cat food itself; I guess that stuff just doesn’t have the same crunch and furry feather taste, MOL   I also do not like cheese or bacon.

Appearance:  Well, I am a true Tuxedo cat from what is left of my ears to tip of my tail. Typical in colouring in every way: white paws and open tuxedo jacket with white shirt, collar and tie showing.

Goals in life: To have fun and to help others have fun through my stories is a big one; also to get published and feature in my own movie. I also want to sample every type of cream I can. Oh, and I want a really big sheltered and quiet walled garden.

Thanks, Erin! May all your dreams come true, especially the garden.

Check out Erin’s blog at:

Also on Facebook at:




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  1. jowensauthor says:

    Congratulations to the lovely princess Erin 🙂

  2. chrisscatmeow says:

    Congratulations to Erin the cat princess. So wonderful to be in Mollies book.x😻💜🐾

  3. Oh WOW! This is so exciting! I shall be buying loads of copies, and maybe you could autograph a copy or three for me so we can do a review and hold a give away to share the adventure?
    Little did I realize that I would get a whole new piece written for little me. Thank you so very much for that. I have read all your other adventures and thoroughly admire each and every one, and maybe one day we can share our stories at some cat conference or maybe at a movie premiere of your works 🙂
    Princessly Purrs

  4. Brian Frum says:

    Hooray!!! Yes, Erin really is a Princess, a very sweet Princess!

  5. catladymac says:

    ERin has chronicled several of her own adventures. It will be fun to see her in one of your mysteries !

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