As many of you know, Lux, Portland’s notorious 911 cat, went to his forever home in December of 2018. What has our boy been doing for the past year? Well, basically, he’s been acting like a normal cat.

He gets into stuff.


He sits in hidy-holes.


He looks out the window.


He stakes his claims.


He hangs out with family.


He goes outside (not very far outside!)


He eats kibble.


He opens doors…


…and drawers.


He poses beautifully.


He loves his people.


We are so thankful his wonderful cohabitors who have taken a chance on this difficult cat. It’s a blessing to see him finally happy and content after all these years!


Photos with permission of Dale Oster



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Loves cats. Writes books.
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15 Responses to LUX: FAMILY ALBUM

  1. Brian says:

    That really is wonderful and we are so glad he is happy and thriving!

  2. jowensauthor says:

    So happy to see that Lux is doing so well and is finally in a happy forever home.

  3. Oh I remember Lux! On My Cat From Hell?
    How wonderful to see him again bless him xx

  4. Margaret D. Blough says:

    Do you know what the turning point was for Lux? I know how hard you and others tried, without success. It’s great to see this gorgeous cat finally content.

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      I wish I could say it was just one thing that finally clicked in his head, but that’s not the case. It’s been 6 years since his initial outburst, and he is now 10. Time and love?

  5. Wendy Lyon says:

    So happy this beautiful cat has found contentment. His humans are heroes.

  6. Carol says:

    I would love to know how the vets controlled his hyperesthesia. Our 6 yr. old has suffered with this since he was 6 months old. Gabapentin and fresh catnip help but he still has occasional aggression I would love to get a better handle on. Thanks!

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      Lux was on increased doses of gabapentin, but it wasn’t really working for him. When he made the move to the sanctuary, they took him off all meds, and determined he probably didn’t have hyperesthesia syndrome after all. I have worked with other cats with FHS, and gaba seems to be the thing. Bless you for caring for a difficult cat.

      • Sarah G. says:

        Thank you so much for the anticipated update! Interesting that we don’t think he had FHS after all- maybe a severe case of PTSD/ behavioral issues?? Such an interesting case but just proves what Jackson says and I KNOW to be true: no such thing as a bad cat or one that cannot be helped. Love that he has found a family and one that can help him. 🙂

      • Mollie Hunt says:

        I love that you said there is no such thing as a bad cat. This is Lux’s message.

      • Wendy Lyon says:

        Yes – such an important message! We have been fostering a difficult cat for the past year (she was feral until a snowstorm hit) and for all the frustration she brings us, she’s still so sweet and affectionate in her own way. We almost gave up on her once but now I’m so glad we didn’t. Just wish we had a Jackson Galaxy to give us extra tips!

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