TALES FROM THE REWRITE, Reblogged from Fire Star Press


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How much violence do you tolerate in your fiction? How much do you enjoy? Where does violence fit into your taste in books?

The rewrite of Cat Winter: The first pages came off without a hitch; then the red lines began…



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6 Responses to TALES FROM THE REWRITE, Reblogged from Fire Star Press

  1. Brian says:

    Red lines eventually equal green $Lines$ we hope!

  2. Timmy Tomcat says:

    Violence is alright as long as it is a part of the story line and not gratuitous. We dont like when the language starts getting off color not to fit a character or particular happenstance but trying to be what the author thinks a certain subset of soldiers, cops, men, women, etc. should sound like. Yuck. We have quit several authors that were passable but got mired down in the cursing.

  3. Finding ways around these conundrums is half the fun – I use that word loosely, of being a writer and teller of tales. Not being a fan of violence in books, I find less is more, and the better the writer the less direct violence they need. I am sure once you have done with the rewrites it will be perfect for almost all tastes 🙂

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