Since we’re stuck in our own little spaces and I can’t get out among my readers, I’m trying to do some fun things to introduce my upcoming Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery, Cat Conundrum. Recently I began a 5-phase cover reveal, and to keep people amused, I offered a contest giveaway. It was fun, and I’ plan on doing it again through all five phases of the reveal.

The contest judge is my cat Tyler. Tyler has experience as a judge and is very good at it. I don’t know what his system is,  but he always comes up with a decisive choice.

As I went through the judging process with him this morning, I realized you might be as interested in his arcane process as I am. So here it is:

First I write all the entries’ names on scraps of colored paper, then fold them in half, name-side-in so Tyler can’t read them and cheat.

I approach the cat with the handful of entries. He is sleeping.

The nearly-imperceptible displacement of air caused by the dropping of the scraps instantly brings Tyler alert. He contemplates.

He walks away, seemingly intent on something else…

…but no. He was just thinking. He returns, slowly and with much deliberation.

He looks, sniffs, studies. He won’t tell me what difference he senses between the scraps.

Oh, Rats! I missed the moment! His paw has landed on a purple scrap, and I still don’t know the secret of Tyler’s judging process…

…and he’s not about to tell me!

Please join  Tyler and me for the second contest giveaway, to be drawn next week. This drawing is for a Sleepyville Critters Cat Purse and wallet set. The purse is 8″ across and has a shoulder strap. Both items are brand new.

For a chance to win, email me at and put Contest, Cat Purse in the subject line. Tyler the cat will choose the winner at random from the entries received. Sorry, U.S. addresses only. Name will be drawn Saturday September 12th, 2020.


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  1. jowensauthor says:

    A cat will never give away all its secrets 😼

  2. Brian Frum says:

    You really know what your doing Tyler, impressive!

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