Zooming with Heather Haven, Reblogged from Ladies of Mystery

Thanks, Heather, for putting into words the trials and tribulation we writers are facing this year. Who would have thought?

Reblogged from Ladies of Mystery

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If anyone had said to me six-months ago a large part of being an author in today’s world would be virtual, I would have laughed in his or her face. So much for reading the future. Before the pandemic, I did my share of in-the-flesh panel discussions, book signings, writers’ meetings, board meetings i.e., the basic tools of the trade. They were enough of a trial. Back in the day, the Bay Area traffic was so bad it would take hours to travel anywhere that wasn’t your local filling station. But here I am, forced into the unlikely reality of Zoom.Zoom

First off, I had no idea how to Zoom. What do you mean, I need a camera? And a mic? Am I going to have to push a bunch of buttons? But soon I realized it was time to come kicking and screaming into 2020. This old Poodle needed…

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2 Responses to Zooming with Heather Haven, Reblogged from Ladies of Mystery

  1. Brian Frum says:

    This whole gotta stay home thing sure has to be a shock to the wonderful writers who depend on interaction with real live humans. We hope the Covid takes a dive soon.

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