This year there will be no in-person book launch at a cozy, independent bookstore with friends, family, and fans gathered around. No cat-face cupcakes or champagne (or grape juice) shared. This year, my new book will come out only virtually. I plan to make it a party, with giveaways, conversations, and a possible live reading hosted by Tyler the cat. Hopefully you can stop by the Cozy Cat Writers & Readers Facebook group sometime on October 29th. I realize it’s National Cat Day and you will be busy indulging your cat(s), but kitty would want you to take a break and check out the contest to see if I’m giving away any catnip mice.

Thankfully there are other ways to support an author with a new book besides going to in-person launch:

1.      Preorder the book. Preorders are counted toward first-week sales, so preordering can give a huge boost to a title.

2.     Read it? Leave a review. Reviews are important. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy— “I liked it,” is enough.

3.     “Like” the author’s Facebook Fan page. This is win-win, because you never know what tidbits you might pick up. For instance, I give cat tips on mine.

4.     Request a copy from your library. Most libraries take suggestions from their clientele, just as most libraries do not take books directly from the author.

5.     Pass it on. Instead of tossing the book into the Goodwill pile once you’ve read it, give it to a friend who you think might enjoy it, or leave it in a “Little Community Library” box, if you have those in your neighborhood.

Here’s a sneaky one, but I like it!

6.     Move the book face-out at bookstores. Next time you see the book at a store, rearrange the shelf so the cover faces the aisle to make it much more noticeable.

7.     Suggest the book to your book club.  Some authors give deals for book club sales, and I am one of them. It never hurts to ask.

And lastly:

8.     If you liked the book, tell the author. It may seem obvious, but it happens rarely. Few writers write to make money—it’s all about telling their story. To know that story has reached someone is the highest reward a writer can receive.

We have a winner!

The winner of the iSuperb Pack of 4 Canvas Coin Purse Wallets is Timmy Cat! Congratulations, Timmy! Be sure to share your prize with Dad Pete and the family.

Join me again on National Cat Day, October 29th, for a Grand Prize giveaway (TBA) to celebrate the launch of Cat Conundrum, the new Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery. The launch party will be hosted by the Cozy Cat Writers and Readers Facebook Group. Stop by anytime for prizes, conversation, cat tips, and more.

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  1. Brian says:

    I like #6 too, that’s a fun one!

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