I’m currently knee-deep in the second edit of my new cozy, The Ghost Cat of Ocean Cove. I’m still working on the blurb, but it will go something like this:

Septuagenarian Camelia Collins moved to the coast to fulfill a lifelong dream, but when she learns she has purchased a murder house, that dream becomes a nightmare.

Three years ago, the former resident of the house, reclusive businessman Jonathan Chamber, was brutally killed on the stoop. The killer is still at large, the case stalled, but then Camila discovers a USB drive hidden in her fireplace. This new evidence could be the break the investigators were looking for.

The police assure Camelia she’s safe, but Soji the ghost cat tells her otherwise. Dead long ago, the seventh kitten of a seventh kitten returns to help Camelia solve the mystery and to save herself from death twice over.

It’s fun and a bit daunting starting a new series. The story has to be built from the ground up. The scenery, the homes and gardens, the shops and businesses, and especially the characters all need to be prized from my imagination. Which brings me to the following contest:

There is a character who plays a small part in the story, and she still needs a name.
All I know about her so far is that she is a teenager who loves horses, texting, and the boy next door. Her parents are Aiden and Nao Smith who live on the same street as my hero Camelia. In Ghost Cat, she plays only a bit part, but this is just the first in the series, and we are bound to see more of her in coming books.

Help me! Do you know who this character might be?

Comment with your first name, a made-up first name, or the first name of someone you know, plus a little backstory about who you think the character is. If your/their name is chosen by Tyler the cat, you/they will win a place as a brand new character in a brand new book. Note: This book will not be out until next year, so be patient. I’ll most likely be taking entries through the next few months.

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  1. Bernadette says:

    This sounds so exciting for you–delving into a whole new world! I have an idea for the character’s name, a subject of one of my portraits. A friend my age served in the military for decades and decided to stay in Europe after retirement, and now lives in Poland where he teaches English as a second language. One of his students is Hania, who he began teaching as a teenager studying art and design, and working with horses. She is a natural with them and that has become her career. Perhaps your character could be an American relative, or Hania’s parents may have emigrated here, who knows? Here is my post about the portrait.

  2. Demelza is 15 years old, is into horses and a bit of a tomboy….. she is totally obsessed with her mobile phone and the boy next door who probably never notices her as she’s such a tomboy and he maybe just thinks of her as a sister…… Demelza wants to work with horses or be a detective with a horse? She doesn’t get on with the girls at school , they are too obsessed with their image….. Demelza has a wicked sense of humour and is great fun and horses are her best friends….. she also loves cats…..

  3. jowensauthor says:

    This is how I see her:
    Her name is Yui. She has black hair cut in a pixie bob, and she dyes one strip on the right side a different color every week, usually pink, green, or blue depending on her mood. She’s very smart, but since being teased about it in elementary school, she hides just how smart she is from the other kids so she doesn’t intimidate them or get teased more. She has a couple of close girl friends. She is friends with the boy next door, but also has a crush on him but is afraid to say about it. She’s also a bit of a tomboy and is fairly athletic. She likes to help out around the community, especially when it comes to animals, and horses in particular. She is also a little spiritually sensitive, ever since she was little, but doesn’t mention it to anyone for fear of seeming weird.

  4. enugen says:

    My first name is Mary and the name for this character would be Jovan. This name is the first name of my niece who has loved horses since she was a very small child living in horse country in Ocala Florida and now has a young daughter she is having trained as well in horse training and shows. Jovan grew up with a cell phone in hand as well and loves all tech. She is intelligent, beautiful, and tall (6 ft.). Her daughters name is Adeline or Addie for short and she also love horses, rides, trains, and shows them. She is 17 and constantly on her phone. Just thought I would share…there are two names with a love for horses. Energetic, fun, and beautiful ladies.

  5. Brian says:

    Oh, we don’t do dead well.

  6. Katherine, distant niece, or great niece, or granddaughter, from previous marriage.

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