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Who’s seen a ghost?

Many people have told me they’ve experienced spiritual interactions with cats that have passed across the Rainbow Bridge. I, myself, had a few such encounters. It may be as subtle as movement in your peripheral vision, or as detailed as a sighting. They may appear in a special dream or come as a touch of fur, a weight on the bed where they used to sleep when alive.

In my new book, Ghost Cat of Ocean Cove, the spirit of a long-dead puss haunts the property of Camelia Collins, a septuagenarian who has just moved to her dream cottage on the Oregon Coast. Soji, a legend in the little town of Ocean Cove, is said to be the seventh kitten of a seventh kitten making her magic. There is even a small room in the Ocean Cove Historical Museum devoted to the big black cat. Though few of the residents really believe she is real, Camelia finds out firsthand that Soji’s spirit does indeed wander. Are her motivations friendly, or will she turn Camelia’s dreamhouse into a nightmare?

Of course, there’s more to the story than the ghost cat. The local sheriff is having an affair with the antiques dealer’s daughter. A nice man Camelia takes as a friend may not be so friendly after all. The rich guy on the hill got his money from bootlegging. There is more to Camelia’s fragile neighbor than meets the eye. A murder was committed on her doorstep and the killer has yet to be found…

Photo by Reba Spike on Unsplash

 Ghost Cat Contest!

Have you ever seen a Ghost Cat? Tell about your experience, yes or no, in the comments and win your choice of an ebook or a signed paperback copy of Ghost Cat of Ocean Cove. Drawing to be held at the Ghost Cat Book Launch, Black Cat Appreciation Day, August 17th 2021. Sorry, USA residents only because of shipping costs.

Ghost Cat of Ocean Cove is the first in my new Tenth Life Cozy Mystery Series. Customers who preorder will receive the content on the release date, 08/17/2021.


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  1. Julie McDonough says:

    I have had experiences with ghosts, but I have not seen a ghost cat. I would definitely be open to it though.

  2. onejewel says:

    I have experienced ghosts before, but I have not seen a ghost cat. I would be very open to seeing one.

      • kevin morgan says:

        I have seen spirits of people all my life but never ever a ghost cat till about a month ago . I’ve been seeing a black ghost cat sleeping next to me at night for about month now but it’s been coming for longer than 2 years of it jumping on my bed but not seeing it. I do have two white cats as pets and also see them playing with the ghost cat. There so many meanings for this it’s hard to figure what the right meaning is. A little weird at times, not scary but weird.

  3. Brian says:

    Oh yea, our Ghost Cat Ivan, my brother when I first came home, used to lick Dad’s leg when he got out of the shower and there’s no hair on Dad’s leg in that spot. Every once in a while Dad will feel Ivan licking that spot when he gets out of the shower.

  4. jowensauthor says:

    One time, not long after the Ragdoll cat I grew up with crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 19, I was in the living room with my family and from the corner of my eye, I thought I saw Gizmo’s fluffy tail cross by the big window. It was just his tail, and it moved as if he was walking along the window sill as he used to do. I was so surprised, I let out a small cry and pointed to the window as I said “I just saw Gizmo’s tail go by the window!” Thinking back, it’s possible it might’ve been a squirrel tail, but I still think it looked more like Gizmo’s tail.

  5. Sunnymay says:

    Nope. I haven’t seen a Ghost Cat. I have experienced floors and stairs creaking and also a cool presence in a haunted home.

  6. I have said goodbye to several cats over the years, and always hoped to see, hear, or feel something afterward, but never have. Unless you count a cat-sized dent in a cushion on the sofa once.

  7. I have never seen a ghost or a ghost cat. I would love to.

  8. Jamie Rasmussen says:

    I saw one of my two dead cats laying on my bed and watching my corn snake.

  9. I have heard my deceased cats who visit me at night in my bedroom make noise or walk about on the bed so i can feel them. I have gotten up many times to ensure there was no “real” cat in the room and there never is. I have a couple “orb” photos by the food bowls.

  10. Timmy Tomcat says:

    Dad reports all of his Angels have come back as ghost cats but usually tactile not visible except Timmy the past couple of weeks. Its always right after the loss of our furs like Timmy the week after he was gone. Dad kept seeing a cat out of the corner of his eye and then when he looked… After a week they slowed down but still appear. Mr Buttons used to leap on the bed from the dresser and you guessed it he did that for the next year. Dads light switch was right by the headboard and never a cat there after that “Bump in the night.” Buddy Budd climbed on the pillow that he had next to Dad a few times. Dad felt the pillow drop under added weight and when he reached out to pet whoever it was, no one there. Like we say we have had regular visits. We cats respond too but that is for another day. Purrs

  11. Mollly, this book sounds great! I always enjoy a good ghost story, and do believe in them!

    I’ve experienced feeling the energy of four of my beloved kitties the moment they crossed over. Bella’s spirit lingered with me for a week. I only felt the energy, but it was a beautiful experience. However, a couple hours after my Topper passed on December 30, 2017, I was sitting on the sofa with a friend, sobbing and reminiscing about Topper over a glass wine, when suddenly I felt giddy, joyful (not the wine, I swear) and I felt a thickness in the air, and was compelled to look over my left shoulder. I turned my head to see Topper strolling across the floor under the piano, and as he approached the bedroom entrance, his spirit faded. Stunned and excited, I pointed to him and said to my friend, “Oh my God! It’s Topper! Can you see him!” Marilyn said that she did not see him, but felt his energy. We both had goosebumps for several minutes.

  12. Molly, this book sounds great! I enjoy ghost stories and I believe in ghosts!

    I have felt the spirit of four of my beloved kitties as they’ve crossed over; one kitty spirit, Bella, stayed with me for one week, although I never saw her. However, a couple of hours after my Topper passed on 12/30/17, I was sitting on my sofa with a friend, sobbing and reminiscing about Topper over a glass of wine. Suddenly, I felt a thickness in the energy around me, and felt giddy and joyful (it wasn’t the wine, I swear), then was compelled to look over my left shoulder. As I turned my head, I saw Topper strolling across the floor under the piano. As he approached the bedroom, he faded away. Stunned and excited, I said to my friend, “Oh my God! There’s Topper!” as I pointed to him. Marylin could not see Topper be she felt his energy. We both had goosebumps for several minutes.

  13. Pamela says:

    Testing…I’ve left two replies that aren’t showing…

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      That’s because I have to approve comments first, as well as, in this case, make a note in my contest journal. It takes a while sometimes. Yes, I got both your comments. Thank you!

  14. Hi Molly! This book looks great! Twice I’ve attempted to leave my feline ghost story in the comments on your blog, but the comment hasn’t posted. Does it take some time?

    Thank you,

    Pamela Knudsen Cat Lady in the Canyon Crazy Cat Lady Redefined catladyinthecanyon@cox.net catladyinthecanyon.com (949) 285-3730 · Laguna Beach, CA


  15. Thank YOU! Sorry for the extra work on your end.

  16. Sarah says:

    I’ve just had back door open while watching a film on my tablet.i swear I saw a tabby cat run past me.My cats were in front room an no stray had visited. Spooky !!!! Ps door to cats was closed an both cats asleep.Had 2 cats cremated 9 years ago they r in urns in my front room…..weird.

  17. Cori Bush says:

    I recently seen the spirit of my friends long dead cat of around 40 years..It shown itself as transparent 3 times as seperate from the air but noticable as different from the air around me..Then the last time it walked right up to me and the face of the cat shown itself for a split second and then it vanished..

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