Six days!

Ghost Cat of Ocean Cove launches in a mere, little six days! Print books are ordered and the ebook downloaded, ready to jump into your Kindle August 17th.

I wish I could be with you in person! I miss the bookstore launches and the direct contact with all of you. Soon, we hope. Very soon. Wear masks, get the vaccine, and be kind. We will come through this eventually.

Meanwhile, pop onto my Facebook page on August 17th to see my launch day posts. There will be prizes, giveaways, and of course, the “Have you ever seen a Ghost Cat?” contest drawing. Anyone can enter, whether you’ve had a supernatural experience or not. Just tell us  about it in the comments below to be entered to win a signed paperback copy of Ghost Cat of Ocean Cove. Drawing will be held at the Ghost Cat Book Launch, National Black Cat Day, August 17th 2021 when either Tyler or Jaimz will choose the name of the winner. Sorry, USA residents only because of shipping costs.

Here are a couple of entries we’ve had so far:

“Absolutely. I’ve had departed companions visit, rub against me for petting, purr, the works. It’s quite wonderful. Also, spirit cats don’t shed.” —Cynthia L.

“I have heard my deceased cats who visit me at night in my bedroom make noise or walk about on the bed so i can feel them. I have gotten up many times to ensure there was no “real” cat in the room and there never is. I have a couple “orb” photos by the food bowls.” —Greg IW

“I have not, but I love animals so I would be ok with it.” —Lynn B

And don’t forget to hug your black cat because August 17th is also Black Cat Appreciation Day!


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  1. Brian says:

    I wish you lots of success with the new book!

  2. Colltales says:

    Best of luck. Cheers

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