REVIEW: The Ghost in the Attic (A Charlie MacCready Mystery) 

The Ghost in the Attic (A Charlie MacCready Mystery) by James M. McCracken

From Amazon: A Key. A Medal. A Warning. For young Charlie MacCready, life is one mystery after another. Left at his grandparents’ home in the middle of the night when he was two, Charlie’s mother said she would return for him. Ten years later, sent to Saint Michael’s Abbey & Home for Boys by his uncle, Charlie finds himself in the center of another mystery. Awakened in the middle of the night, he hears a sound coming from the attic above his dorm. Together with his new friends Howard, Gus, and Rick, they set out to find The Ghost in the Attic.

My Review: This book makes me smile

This is the first book in a while that I enjoyed so thoroughly. I looked forward to sitting down and reading with the same enthusiasm from the beginning to end. My go-to genre is cozy mystery, usually with a cat in it, and though this features young people and no cat, it satisfied that need for a suspenseful yet uplifting story. I’m on to book 2 now.

About the author:

“Writing for me is like taking a mini-vacation that doesn’t cost you anything and doesn’t require hours of travel. When I am writing I get to see a different world filled with people/ characters who don’t always cooperate with each other and at times even with me. It makes the whole experience interesting.”

James M. McCracken began writing stories when he was a teenager and dreamed of someday becoming a published author. After spending twenty years working for the telephone company, he wrote the first in a planned series of young reader mysteries inspired by his teen years spent in a seminary boarding school. He retired early in 2002 and continued pursuing his writing. He currently lives in Redmond, Oregon.

The Ghost in the Attic is book 1 of 5 in the Charlie MacCready Mystery Series. Listed in Children’s Mystery & Detectives Books, though I found it delightful. Available in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover. Purchase here.


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2 Responses to REVIEW: The Ghost in the Attic (A Charlie MacCready Mystery) 

  1. Brian says:

    That sure sounds like a really good one!

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