My new Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery, Adventure Cat, is launching on National Black Cat Day! Or is it? When I was looking for a launch date, I checked several cat holiday websites. One listed National Black Cat Day as November 17th, a date that fit perfectly with my plans.

But wasn’t I shocked when October 27th rolled around, and my news feed was filled with furry black faces! All my knowledgeable cat fellows were celebrating National Black Cat Day in October!

I ran back to the website and looked it up again, and this is what it says:

“There is some debate among fans of felines in the United States as to the correct date of National Black Cat Day. Some of us choose to recognize August 17th as the official day to show our appreciation for our purring pals with dark fur. Feline-loving Anglophiles may opt for October 27th, the day when the UK marks its affection for black moggies, while others have declared November 17th as the date to celebrate our love for noir beauties.”  ~CatTipper

Those of us who have lived with black kitties know that every day is black cat day. So whether you celebrate in August, October, November, or all year long, keep sending positive vibes to the lovely black felines that are so often overlooked in our shelters.

And look for Adventure Cat on November 17th!


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Loves cats. Writes books.
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  1. Brian says:

    Whatever works because National Black Cat Day is really every day anyways!

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