Who Are the Cat Writers’ Association? SALEEMA LOOKMAN, RVT

Today on Who are the Cat Writers’ Association? my guest is Saleema Lookman, RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician). Saleema is also a writer, which is what brought her to the Cat Writers’ Association.

Saleema, can you tell us a bit about your writing career?

Most of my writing is pet health or veterinary-related. I began writing and publishing case reports in 2016 as a means to share information with others in the veterinary field. Not only was the sharing fulfilling, but I found that I was quite fond of the writing aspect as well. This delight quickly blossomed into a career creating educational articles for pet parents.

I currently work as a pet content writer for Lovetoknow.com where I write on a vast range of topics and species— anything from “101 Unique Pet Names” to “Do Cats Always Land on Their Feet?” or health topics like “Tips to Spot and Treat Tapeworms.” Of course, I’m particularly passionate about our cat-related content! I also craft veterinary professional-focused pieces for journals such as Today’s Veterinary Nurse. In my free time, I enjoy writing poetry and flash fiction.

How do cats inspire your creativity?

Cats are such unique creatures who present themselves with an infectious air of confidence. This quality inspires me both creatively and in my everyday life! I aim to live my life by cat rules: be curious, rest when I need to, recharge in the sun, view an entire situation from above, and if I fail, try to land on my feet.

Now for three extremely arbitrary questions, or I guess in your case, four!

  1. What is your favorite cat movie and why?

It’s challenging to pick just one, but The Three Lives of Thomasina is probably my favorite cat film as well as the first I ever saw. It was also my introduction to the notion that cats have multiple lives. I’ve always loved the scenes of an afterlife filled with cats!

2. What cat-themed item is sitting on your desk right now?

There are several cat-themed items on and around my desk! I have a cat shaped post-Its holder, Pusheen pencil case, Spirit Cat calendar, cat oracle card deck, a photoshopped image of my Lily as a pirate cat, and a photo of myself as a child cuddling a cat.

3. Do your cats get along with each other?

My cats are finally warming up to each other. Stewie lost his littermate (and my soul mate cat), Lily, three years ago to small cell lymphoma. Clover is the newest addition and because she was a kitten when I adopted her, she’s always been too boisterous for Stew, though I think he was also reluctant to play while he mourned Lily’s passing. However, his indifference appears to have grown into affection (or at the very least, tolerance), because I find them snoozing next to each other or batting toys around together every now and then.

4. Have you ever seen a ghost cat?

I often catch glimpses of cats (my own, neighbors, or those of family members) who have passed on. It might be a flash of a fluffy tail as I move the shower curtain away from the tub or the silhouette of a figure leaping onto the counter. I welcome these visits from special spirit cats!

A bit about my cats:

I have two cats currently:

Stewie is a Bengal I rescued 12 years ago. His litter, along with dozens of other cats, were rescued from a hoarding situation and brought to the veterinary hospital where I worked. I met him when he was only 4 weeks old and immediately fell in love. He and his littermate, Lily, who lost her battle with lymphoma in 2019, came home with me a few weeks later. Stew’s favorite pastimes include drinking water directly out of the tap (cat fountains won’t do, it must be the tap!) and chasing rainbows created by the crystals hanging in the window. He’s also my writing companion and always sits on my lap or desk while I work.

Clover is a docile tuxedo and my lucky charm! I adopted her as a kitten just after St. Paddy’s Day in 2019. She’s arguably the most easy going cat I’ve ever owned, though she does give love bites when my petting isn’t to her liking. Clover lives for wet food and makes the most adorable, high-pitched squeaks every morning as she leads me to the kitchen.

Saleema Lookman, RVT Bio:

Saleema is a writer, speaker, and Registered Veterinary Technician with over 10 years of clinical experience. She aims to empower pet owners through written content and brings both her professional knowledge and personal experience to her writing. Her work has been published in distinguished journals such as Today’s Veterinary Nurse and The NAVTA Journal. As a new member of the Cat Writers’ Association, Saleema is thrilled to be in the company of like-minded individuals who share her passion for cats.

Find out more about Saleema on her Social Links: 

LoveToKnow writer profile (with links to latest articles): Saleema Lookman, RVT | LovetoKnow

Instagram: @SaleemaWritesPets







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    Such an interesting writer, I’m sure others will learn a lot from her.

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