Lynley faces ghosts when she moves into a dead millionaire’s mansion to care for his clairvoyant cat.

Fall is in the air and Black Cat Awareness Month (October) is here! If you’ve followed my Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery book launches in the past, you’ll know that the end of this month brings another cat-related observance, National Cat Day. For several years, October 29th is the day I’ve chosen to bring out a new book, and this year is no different.

Cat’s Play is the 9th Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery (but you need not read them in order), and this time Lynley is in more trouble than ever.

Friends of Felines, the cat shelter where Lynley is a volunteer, has been given a huge estate inheritance from a wealthy donor, and director Helen Branson has asked Lynley to help organize an online auction for the hundreds of valuable treasures. Lynley enlists her antique dealer friend Gil (pronounced Gee in the French fashion since part of his colorful persona is a faux French accent).

Lynley has also accepted the job of caring for the dead man’s cat Winnie, a calico diva with a mind of her own. The will stipulates Winnie’s caregiver live in the opulent Payne Mansion with the cat, so Lynley finds herself in the thick of things.

Some of those things go bump in the night, and the more Lynley finds out about the reclusive Roderick Payne, the more frightened she becomes. Something is not right at Payne House. Helen has asked Lynley for a third favor, but this is one Lynley may find deadly to fulfill.

Pre-order Cat’s Play (Crazy Cat Lady Mystery Book 9) now, and it will be auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle on October 29, 2022. Paperback versions will also be available.

About Mollie Hunt

Loves cats. Writes books.
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6 Responses to CAT’S PLAY IS ON THE WAY!

  1. kiangablog says:

    This book sounds like so much fun Mollie! Sounds like I need to get a copy. I am setting in my home office working on stuff for our local ag show while my cat Rambo is snoring in the background! Lynn

  2. Brian says:

    Congratulations on a fun release!

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