Who are the Cat Writers’ Association: KATHY MANDELL

My guest today on Who are the Cat Writers’ Association is writer, blogger, and sometimes photographer Kathy Mandell.

 Tell us a bit about your writing, Kathy.

Currently, I am writing a daily newsletter for Patch.com (the Myrtle Beach Daily). I do have my cat and dog blog, TravelingDogLady, but I haven’t posted there in a long time. I advocate for shelter cats in the Myrtle Beach Daily newsletter every day. Also, I contributed to Cuteness.com for about a year during the pandemic, re-writing or “punching up” cat, dog, and pet bird articles that were outdated. I am also a photography buff, so I take daily photos of my own cats “just because”.

How do cats inspire your creativity?

My writing described above is not really “creative” per se, but I do try to be as cute as possible when writing about shelter cats in my local newsletter. Cats are so beautiful. My own two cats are so cute, I’m always taking pictures of them just living their lives!

What do you enjoy about belonging to CWA?

It is such an honor to be included as a member of CWA because I often feel “imposter syndrome”! The networking and the community is great. Being connected to writers like you and following each other’s work on social media is great. I also like following along with the personal stuff—such as if someone’s cat is ill, or if another one of the members’ cat passed away, or even fun stuff that we all post on our personal social media pages.

Please answer a few arbitrary questions for us.

  1. Did you grow up with cats?

I have had cats ever since I can remember. So, yes! I grew up with cats!

  1. What cat-themed item is sitting on your desk right now?

Oh dear! The only pet items on my desk are dog-themed!! Sorry! LOL! I do have my CWA business card right on top of the desk, it just so happens to have landed there! haha

  1. Does cat love run in your family?

Yes, everyone in my family has cats!! We have all loved cats for as long as I can remember!!

  1. Do your cats get along with each other?

All of my pets MUST get along with one another. It’s a prerequisite for living here! LOL

Please give us the names and short descriptions of your cats.

Tux: a 10-pound bundle of love who enjoys head butts, lengthy petting sessions, FOOD and who looks like he is wearing a tuxedo—bow tie, spats, and all!

Newman: (No, he’s not named for the Seinfeld character!) A fluffy, tiny grey and white floof ball who thinks he is a dog! Newman comes when you whistle, and he follows me and my dogs on our daily walks. (Don’t worry, we live out in the country and there is no traffic.) Newman’s favorite activity is knocking stuff off the kitchen counters just for fun!

Include your sales and social media links so we can keep up with your work.

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TravDogLady

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TravDogLady

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travdoglady/




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9 Responses to Who are the Cat Writers’ Association: KATHY MANDELL

  1. Brian says:

    Such a nice person and her cats sure are pretty!

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  3. ksmueller says:

    Awww! Thank you both so much!

  4. KathyMandell says:

    Hi, I wanted to let you know that my beautiful kitty, Newman, (gray and white cat pictured above) passed away on Sunday, February 19 from thyroid disease. Newmand was 13 years old.

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      Oh, Kathy! I’m so sorry for your loss. My Jaimz also has thyroid disease. He’s happy and healthy now, but I know every day is a gift. Love to you and Angel Newman.

      • KathyMandell says:

        Thank you so much. It’s been just over a week and it’s so weird not having him here! Tux keeps “yowling” looking for him everywhere. He’s an “only” kitty now. They were together since birth. I adopted three kittens from the same litter. He’s the only one left.

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