Merry Almost Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Once again my dear Tyler, with a little help from Jaimz the Gray, has collected a few items that he thinks would make nice gifts for cats and their people. Sometimes I had a hard time understanding his cat-speak, and others he fell to napping in the middle of a sentence, but I still managed to get several of his suggestions. I’ll share them with you now.

Tyler’s Choice for 2022: The Daily CATfirmations bowl 

Beautiful bowls made by Sandy Cooper of Denver, Colorado, just for cats. The bowl is slightly elevated level and has a wide and shallow bowl area to minimize whisker stress. Tyler loved this bowl the moment I brought it home from House of Dreams cat shelter’s fundraiser, the Pretty Kitty Bazaar. As you can see from the photo, Jaimz likes it too. Unfortunately Sandy only sells her work at places like the PKB. We were lucky to find this one.

Jaimz’s Choice for 2022: K&H Pet Products Heated Amazin’ Kitty Pad

There are a lot of heating pads for cats out there, but this one has stood the test of time and cats in our house. I bought one in 2017 to use at the beach where our electric heat is sporadic and it gets cold. I’ve since bought two more and have been using all of them in various places, both at the beach and at home. While Angel Ginchan was with us, it was important to keep his old bones warm, and now tiny Jaimz has that same need.  

The bed heats well (but not overly hot) when there’s a cat on it. It’s barely warm to the touch when the cat is absent. I leave ours on all the time unless I am going out of town. It’s relatively inexpensive and a workhorse. And yes, the 2017 bed still works as well as it did when it was brand new!


Favorite Cat Toy: Bergan Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher

This interactive toy provides both fun and exercise for cats, and it’s not just Tyler who plays with it. Most of the cats I foster for the Humane Society get a kick out of it too. The Star Chaser is the top of the line, with a LED ball that flashes red when touched. The cardboard scratcher in the middle can be replaced when it gets worn, and my cats simply love to sit there. You can also rub catnip onto it for added flavor.


Favorite Cat Mystery: The Calico Cat Mysteries, by Patricia Fry 

Prolific cozy mystery writer Patricia Fry has done it again! In May of 2021, she started a new cozy mystery series featuring her own cat Olivia as the feline hero. Since then, she has produced ten books staring the lovely Olivia!

The Calico Cat Mysteries are cozy mysteries featuring Olivia, a clever, intuitive, smart, and sassy calico. Olivia often teams up with her favorite person, Parker Campbell, an investigative reporter, on tough and tantalizing assignments. While some of Parker’s assignments revolve around hard-hitting criminal cases, she and Olivia often find themselves drawn into more frivolous and sometimes dramatic situations. If you’ve enjoyed the Klepto Cat Mysteries by Patricia Fry, you’ll adore these fun, enlightening, suspenseful, and enticingly charming stories introducing the calico cat in all of her mischievous and exquisite glory.

We love this series and can’t wait for the next one!


Are you looking for cat-themed books that aren’t mysteries? Check out the Cat Writers’ Association Book Directory for everything cat.



  Favorite Etsy Store (again!): houseofdreamspdx, Handcrafted goodies to support cat rescue!

Catnip Poptarts? House of Dreams merch? A lovely 2023 calendar featuring the finest models of all-the HOD cats? It’s not too late to buy holiday cards. Look no further. At houseofdreamspdx you’ll find these and much more. New items added weekly. 100% of profits goes to the kitties at House of Dreams all volunteer, no-kill cat shelter in Portland, Oregon.  


Favorite Tribute Item: Volana Kote Whisker Tributes Custom Jewelry, handmade with real fallen whiskers

Nothing makes it easier when we lose one of our beloved cats, but Volona Kote has created a simple way for us to carry a bit of them with us wherever we go. The picture above is of a pendent she crafted from a single whisker that my Angel Blaze dropped right before he crossed. I cherish it every day.

Tributes need not be confined to Angel cats, of course- the beautiful custom jewelry comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Why not make a charm bracelet of whiskers from all your cats? Or a ring with whiskers and fur? To get the magnitude of Volana Kote’s work, you really need to visit her website.


Favorite Christmas Artwork: “Matcha Cats” Fine Art Print by The Dancing Cat

Alright so it isn’t a Christmas print, but the Dancing Cat, also known for their amazing line of cards, has many other prints that are both cat and Christmas themed. I picked this one to show because I find the limited edition Japanese inspired cat print series absolutely beautiful, any time of year.

From the Dancing Cat Website: The Dancing Cat features the modern and distinct cat art of Rhode Island School of Design graduate Jamie Shelman. Founded in 2008 (while living between NYC and Martha’s Vineyard), our shop seeks to capture and share our love of fat cats and good design. Inspired by their fat plump shapes and seal like bodies, we’ve found cats to be the perfect form of self expression. From cats doing ‘cat things’ to more human activities, our art hopes to capture & stir the same love and passion for cats & art that you experience, often in a whimsical or unique manner. 


Favorite Cat Item: High quality Cat Water Fountains by ThirstyCat

It’s so important to keep cats hydrated, especially cats like Jaimz who has thyroid and kidney issues. ThirstyCat makes one of a kind ceramic fountains that will enhance any room. They are very quiet aside from the sound of the tumbling water, which is a plus for me. We don’t have one of these fountains… yet. Maybe Santa will bring one this year!

Ceramic cat fountains made completely by hand including our glazes so we can ensure their quality and safety. Certified, 100% food safe, handmade in Cambridge, New York.


  Tyler’s Wishlist

What does a cat want for Christmas?

Who knows? The cats fortunate enough to have a home and a family who loves them are already getting most everything they want and need. Healthy meals, toys and treats, medical care when required. But what about the other cats, the ferals and strays, the ones lingering in shelters because someone deems them too old, too shy, too feisty, too much trouble or expense because of medical conditions? If Tyler could speak, he would ask the following:


Shameless self-promotion: My New Books for 2022!

GHOST CAT ON THE MIDWAY, Tenth Life Cozy Mysteries #2

When the keeper of an aging tiger is murdered at the Cove County Fair and the tiger goes missing, ghost cat Soji must make sure Camelia isn’t the next to die.

“Ghost Cat has it all; memorable characters, an interesting and fun setting, a ghost cat, pie, and a mystery that will get you guessing! I highly recommend this book to all cozy mystery lovers!” – Christy’s Cozy Corners 5-Star Review

CATS’ PLAY, Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery #9

A clairvoyant cat and a covert cult place Lynley and her feline ward in the direct path of danger.

Thanks, friends, for all your ongoing attention and support. 

Tyler found it hard to choose among all the lovely and useful items available, especially the ones made by independent craftspeople, so his list is a bit arbitrary and incomplete. He would love to hear about your favorites. Please post comments.

***Note: None of the businesses or artists mentioned in this blogpost have solicited my endorsement, nor have I received compensation of any kind for listing them.  

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  1. Brian says:

    Those are all such nice things, I wish we could afford them all.

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