What do you like to read?

A cozy mystery? A thriller? A rootin’ tootin’ Western? A high fantasy? A dystopian sci-fi? Something with the guy in the above picture as the hero (or the villain)?

There are millions of books out there for you—in bookstores, libraries, and online. Where do you start? The names you know? Stephen King and J.K. Rowling? The ones someone recommends? Or do you choose a book by its cover? (And why not? Authors spend considerable thought, time, and money on getting the cover of their books just right.)

What if there is something else you look for in your reading material? What if you want a book that features cats?

If you’re looking for books in all genres that have a cat-centric theme, you’re in luck. There is one place to go, and that is the Cat Writers’ Association Members’ Booklist. Whether you want a thriller, a Western, a historical novel, a fantasy, or my favorite, a cozy mystery, you can find it on the list. There are plenty of non-fiction subjects too, from pedigreed cats to humor to photographs to gifts, all listed and easy to find.

The Cat Writers’ Association, of which I am a member as well as the association’s proud librarian, is a “global cat-centric professional organization dedicated to excellence in written, visual and audio media,” so of course they have the best collection of cat books.

About the CWA Book Directory: “CWA is extremely proud of our member authors and their publications. Among our over 250 international members are non-fiction book authors, animal behaviorists, novelists, poets, short story writers, illustrators, and photographers whose works are sold through professional bookstores and online venues.

Happy Reading!

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Loves cats. Writes books.
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  1. Brian says:

    That is quite the kitty selection!

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