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Hire a qualified cat sitter? Yes or yes.

Yes, I’m a writer, but I am also a cat sitter. I go to people’s houses and care for their cats while they are on vacation or away for work. They pay me to play with their cats—what’s not to love about a job like that?

Feeding, special diets, medications including injectables and pills, litter box patrol, cleaning up when kitty misses or messes—these are all part of the service, but there’s more to it. When kitty throws up, is it a routine scarf-and-barf or something more insidious? If kitty falls from the cat tree and limps away, it is amusing or a trip to the vet for an injured bone? If kitty hides, is she being coy or could she be exhibiting a symptom of an illness? A qualified cat sitter needs to know what to do in an emergency. That, not the routine day to day cat chores, is what I’m paid for.

There are many reasons to hire a cat sitter. A cat may need socialization—they miss their human cohabitor and having someone’s lap to curl up on. Or a cat has a strict medical regimen that requires strict adherence, (whether kitty likes it or not). Sure, your neighbor’s kid can pop in and sprinkle a handful of kibble in a dish, but do they know how to pill a cat?

What if the unthinkable happens? Life-threatening emergencies require speedy action, so it’s important to know what to do should something happen to your pet. Before you begin your trip, I come to your house, meet your cats, and go over every possibility, just in case. How else can you feel assured all basses are covered and have a carefree trip?

Do you hire a cat sitter/pet sitter when you leave town? I’d love to know your thoughts.


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  1. I have a great feline companion sitter. That’s the key. Temp people are ok, but someone skilled is always best. Finding a vet to sit with is even better!

  2. Brian says:

    The Mom and Dad never go anywhere out of town together, one has to stay home with us kitties.

  3. Bernadette says:

    On the very rare occasion I leave for more than a long day at a vendor event my neighbor and friend who knows my cats best comes to feed and visit with them. Likewise, I take care of her two indoor kitties and her colony of 12 outdoors when she and her husband go away. I will also care for others’ cats if they have more needs than their regular pet sitter can accomplish. If by chance mine would need more advanced skills than feed and the occasional pill, like fluids or different types of medicating, I have skilled friends who can just take care of that. It’s been years since I’ve gone anywhere!

  4. JillCDagless says:

    OMG yes – my lovely friend is a professional cat sitter and would come in for me, the one overnight she couldn’t, a friend did it & completely missed that my fur baby was not right. I couldn’t get to the vet until the next morning & had to say goodbye to my fur baby.
    Never ever again – I will always use a professional cat sitter – you guys are worth your weight in gold 🙏

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