Today is Easter, 2023.

No more lockdown, no more masks (though the wisdom of that decision is still debatable). But we mustn’t forget, on this day of hope, what it was like three years ago when things were bad.

Sun, Apr 12, 2020

From my memoir, There’s a Cat Hair in My Mask: How Cats Helped Me through Unprecedented Times

It was Easter, but no one was having parties. Children, already bored and flustered by being taken out of school and forbidden to play with their friends, were destined to have their Easter egg hunts alone. Jim and I have no children in our house anymore, but I still felt sad, remembering those times when kids ran through the spring grass and flowers to discover chocolate and painted Easter eggs on that day.

I’d been sitting with my foster cat Lydia in the foster room when I heard an idea on the radio that was catching hold throughout the community. People were putting pictures of painted eggs up in their windows for kids to count on a neighborhood walk. I thought to myself, How fun! then proceeded to forget all about it.

 A few days later, I found my sweet tuxedo cat Blaze sitting on the ledge in the front window. He was staring straight at me, as if to say, Something’s happening here.

Blaze and I had a connection. I’m not sure it could be called telepathy, but I always knew when he was trying to communicate something of import. That was one of those times.

Suddenly I remembered the Easter egg idea. Grabbing scissors, tape, a few pens, and a handful of colored paper. I began to cut and draw.

Blaze helped me tape them in the window by pawing the panes where he thought they should go. Or maybe he was just chasing a spring fly. Either way, the colorful shapes, as well as the thought of making the day just a bit happier for some children I don’t even know, was fulfilling.

“Thank you, Blaze,” I told the tuxie, for I was certain it had been his reminder that had spurred me into action.

Easter Eggs 2020

However you celebrate (or not), enjoy this day, and please keep hope alive in your heart.



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8 Responses to HAPPY EASTER and A LOOK BACK

  1. Awww. Helper kitties are the best!

  2. Brian says:

    Happy Easter from all of us at Brian’s Home!

  3. 15andmeowing says:

    Happy Easter!

  4. Small things matter. Routine matters, but the triggers can change. Choc eggs or paper eggs, there is arguably no difference save a few less rotted teeth. If nothing else, covid brought a balance and appreciation of the worth of things.

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