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Lorett Glass gets the news she’s inherited a cool fifty-million from a wild-man uncle on the same day she is diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer. Taking what’s left of her life in a fresh direction, she sets about to right wrongs, wreak vengeance, and generally kick ass. With the help of a charmed personal assistant, a teenaged computer geek, an elderly Mr. Fix-it, and a smart car whose super power is the ability to park anywhere, she becomes the person she’s always wanted to be—Catwoman.


The Cat Seasons Sci-Fantasy Tetralogy Book 3

In the wilds of the coastal woods, a portal leads to another universe where a race of techno-medical felines is waging its first-ever conflict. One faction is recruiting cats from this side and turning them into feline robo-soldiers. Now only Niva and her kittens can prevent a multiversal war.


THERE’S A CAT HAIR IN MY MASK: How Cats Helped Me Through Unprecedented Times 

A memoir

The story covers the period of time between the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 to the adoption of my cat Jaimz in April 2021. Those were hard times for me—for everyone. Stuff happened I’d never thought I’d see. Just one thing kept me from falling off the edge: cats.

In CAT HAIR, I do my best to convey how my relationship with the cats in my life, their subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) teachings, showed me how to navigate when I felt I wasn’t going to make it. It wasn’t an easy story to write, and I doubt it will be easy to read. Still, I’m hoping it may touch a few of you who have had your own troubles with this everchanging tide we call the new normal.



Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery #9

Lynley faces ghosts when she moves into a dead millionaire’s mansion to care for his clairvoyant cat.

A wealthy but eccentric recluse bequeaths his vast estate to little Friends of Felines Cat Shelter, but the gift comes with a catch. The first stipulation, to care for the dead man’s cat, is simple for Lynley Cannon, cat shelter volunteer. The second, to find his killer, proves more difficult, since his death was ruled to be natural causes. As Lynley searches for clues to a killer who doesn’t exist, she learns a truth that could annul the inheritance. Will her discoveries lead to further killings as well?



Tenth Life Paranormal Mysteries #2

Camelia Collins is all set to enjoy Ocean Cove’s small town county fair when the keeper of an aging tiger is murdered, and the tiger goes missing. The police blame a rogue faction of animal advocates, but the townsfolk suspect something more arcane. Only the ghost cat Soji knows the truth, but will the whimsical spirit come forward before someone else dies?