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WINTER’S COMING – CAT WINTER, BOOK 2 of the Cat Seasons Tetralogy

Cat Winter! I can’t believe it’s finally coming out after some 20 years from concept to print! December 21, the first day of winter 2020, is the day! Stay tuned for a link—since it’s too late to get it onto … Continue reading

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THE LATHE OF PORTLAND, from the Fire Star Press Blogsite

  Are you in the mood for a little dystopian tale? Part memoir, part crazy. Check it out on my Fire Star Press Blog Site.

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Light Up The World For Orphan Pets

Changing just one mind can save a life, September 24, 2020. It’s Remember Me Thursday, the day we get the entire world talking about pet adoption. Today, unite with pet-lovers around the world to shine a light on orphan pets … Continue reading

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I am an omnivore. In the past, I’ve been a vegan, a vegetarian, a pescatarian, and a macrobiotic, but at this point in my life, I’ve found it prudent to be flexible. Whether traveling in other countries or visiting people … Continue reading

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I’m blessed! As a recovering alcoholic, I’ve learned patience, tolerance, resistance, and pride. Through my 12-step program, Alcoholics Anonymous, I’ve been given a design for living that has allowed me to deal with my addiction and change my life. Now, … Continue reading

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  Warning: This post deviates from my usual subject matter and will be offensive to some. If it bothers you, please skip this blogpost and come back next time for more book news and romps with cats. I promise neither … Continue reading

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ALMOST SPRING, photographs

We still have a few weeks until the official beginning of spring, but here in Portland (in between the snow storms) spring is springing. The tenacity of the flowers as they ignore the cold and bloom their little hearts out … Continue reading

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Reblogging a worthy cause for dogs.

I don’t often reblog other peoples’ posts, and I never post appeals because I know what it’s like to be inundated with requests for money that you don’t have, but I’m making an exception. Firstly, you don’t have to give … Continue reading

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“Shine a light on orphan pets waiting for forever homes.” Unwanted. Stray. Abused. Neglected. In line for euthanasia. Can we replace those words with: Forever home. Soulmate. Best friend. Loved. Protected. I am so privileged to live in a community … Continue reading

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This Memorial Day, let’s remember not just those who have died for our country, but all who have served: living or dead; fighting or behind the scenes; human or… feline??? Since World War I and before, cats have been employed … Continue reading

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