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Merry Almost Christmas and Happy Holidays! Once again my dear Tyler, with a little help from Jaimz the Gray, has collected a few items that he thinks would make nice gifts for cats and their people. Sometimes I had a … Continue reading

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The Daily Tyler – Cat Stats

Tyler, did you know that a normal cat spends half their waking time grooming? That’s head to tail and back again several times a day. And don’t forget those toes and claws. Tyler? Most cats sleep around 70% of the … Continue reading

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  Tyler: Do you know what day it is, Little? It’s Thankful Thursday. Little: I don’t feel like being thankful today. I’m too sleepy. Tyler: Oh, no! We have such a good life with our cohabitors. You must be thankful … Continue reading

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The Daily Tyler

Here I am, king of the hutch. …but the kitchen table is calling. Hum, these belong to the cohabitors. In fact, most everything here is theirs. Wait! This is familiar. Mine, finally mine!

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Little: Everyone is doing a Thankful Thursday blogpost. Why doesn’t our cohabitor do one? Tyler: Thankful Thursday? What’s that? Little: It’s where you tell people what you’re thankful for, like good health or a nice place to live. Tyler: Oh, … Continue reading

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