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I’ve been writing my poetry for some time, ever since someone mistakenly called me a poet. I replied, No, I’ve never penned a poem in my life, then sat down and began to write. I haven’t stopped since. Looking back … Continue reading

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In a few hours, I’ll be boarding a plane for Houston, Texas and the Cat Writers’ Association Conference. Excited? Yes. Anxious? Yes. This is so far out of my comfort zone, I can’t even count the ways. But there is … Continue reading

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  The ocean pounds the shore, a peaceful noise. The air is warm, perfect. Birds sing, the coor of a dove. I have no place to be, no time constraint, nothing on my agenda, yet I am anxious. It is … Continue reading

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Anger, like a white dwarf star after implosion, lives on.  Like a star, anger is deadly.  Unlike a star, anger is personal.

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“Bolt·hole: noun. A place where a person can escape and hide: a safe or restful place: a place where you can hide or escape from something that is dangerous or unpleasant. Chiefly British. First known use, circa 1851” The first … Continue reading

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