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Zooming with Heather Haven, Reblogged from Ladies of Mystery

Thanks, Heather, for putting into words the trials and tribulation we writers are facing this year. Who would have thought? Reblogged from Ladies of Mystery If anyone had said to me six-months ago a large part of being an author … Continue reading

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10 WAYS TO “CAT” IN 2017

What makes cats so aloof and self-possessed when their human counterparts are chasing their tails just to get through the day? Cats know something we don’t, and they’re more than willing to teach us by their grand example. 1  No … Continue reading

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Christmas is different this year. Two beloved feline family members are gone and a new one has come. Little, the one remaining from what such a short time ago was a family of 4, dislikes her new brother, Oscar. To … Continue reading

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