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Damn the rain.  Today it is too much.  God’s tears, yes,  Mingle with our own  As more death  Takes ones we love,  Leaving only a cold companion,  Grief.    Written originally for Leslie, Patty, and Patricia, who have recently lost … Continue reading

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      Bailey                                                                         Coyote Doctor … Continue reading

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EVENING, a Cat Poem

Poet Vargus Pike told me that a person who has written a poem is a poet. As I’m pulled more and more into writing (thinking, humming, singing) cat poetry, I have to wonder if that’s true. When I think of … Continue reading

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    First it comes, a little sooner every day: The darkness. Loom of gloom eclipsing summer, eating it, bite by bite as we scramble in denial, pretending not to notice that again the seasons are changing.  

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You are safe with me.   If I don’t know you, I will reach out without malice. If I don’t understand you, I will strive to learn. If I don’t agree with you, I will put differences aside. If I … Continue reading

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  Let’s rest awhile from today’s tragedies and travesties, from the sick and dying and dead, from the keening of loss, the misery of fear. Let’s pierce the veil of hate and vengeance to the things that were meant to … Continue reading

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Dreamland 1 Dreams float just beneath the surface, obscured by the reflections of today.     Dreamland 2 Dreams linger at the edge of my consciousness like scenes in my peripheral vision as I speed along the road:   When … Continue reading

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            The body is pain, The mind is fear, The soul is God. Painless, fearless God.   In my vision, my soul was made of water. It’s shape was vague; rainbow colors striped both arms … Continue reading

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Anger, like a white dwarf star after implosion, lives on.  Like a star, anger is deadly.  Unlike a star, anger is personal.

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Night Verse

There is a shade of indigo                                                                                                                 that describes night.                                                                                                                                 I’ve chased it all my life in order to                                                                                               paint the nocturne,                                                                                                                                 if only in my mind.                                                                                                                             Add to it, some Van Gogh stars,                                                                                                             a hint of Coltrane,                                                                                                                                   a string of … Continue reading

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