COVER REVEAL – Ghost Cat on the Midway

A new book! A new cover!

Do you want to see it?

Really want to see it?

Right. Now?

Okay but first, a bit about the book.


GHOST CAT ON THE MIDWAY, A Tenth Life Cozy Mystery #2

This summer, there’s trouble brewing at the Cove County Fair.

Camelia Collins is set to enjoy Ocean Cove’s small county fair when the keeper of an aging tiger is murdered, and the tiger goes missing. Who did it—a rogue faction of violent animal activists or something more arcane? Only the ghost cat Soji knows the truth, but will the capricious spirit come forward before someone else dies?

Now we’re ready! Here it is, the lovely new cover by designer Roslyn McFarland!

About Mollie Hunt

Loves cats. Writes books.
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8 Responses to COVER REVEAL – Ghost Cat on the Midway

  1. Brian says:

    Beautiful, really beautiful!

  2. The cover looks great and seems to represent the story perfectly.

  3. Stunning. Look forward to reading this.

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