BLOGS I LOVE: Walk Through the Web Wednesday, by Feline Opines

A Cat Blog Apart

As you can guess, I subscribe to lots of cat blogs and read even more that I come across on the web. There are all sorts—Cat advice blogs, cat memes, cat pictures, cat behavior, cat books, and more. I enjoy several on a regular basis, but one that always stands out is Feline Opines, Walk Through The Web Wednesday.

The Feline Opines header reads, “the world from a feline point of view,” and this is carried out nicely in the first part of the post which is filled with sweet photos of the blogger’s cats, accompanied by their anthropomorphic opinions. These are cute, funny, and engaging. Did I mention pictures of pretty cats, Lily, Alberto, and Oliver?

The second portion of the post is made up of current events involving cats. This is done in a thorough and easy to read format with links to further information. I always find something I didn’t know or hadn’t seen before.

The Human behind Feline Opines is Anita, calling herself “the purrrsonal assistant to a feline Tribe of rescues.” She is a fellow member of the Cat Writers’ Association and published author who considers writing for and about felines as one of her greatest passions. Besides the blog, her website gives info on Feline Approved Stuff, Cat Cafés, Causes, and Feline Music!

Anita writes, “My blog started when I was published in my first Chicken Soup book and they told me I needed a blog. I didn’t want to mimic something others had done, my favorite writing genre is fiction (I love creating characters) and I realized that I had furry characters in my own home. That’s how Feline Opines started because I still believe the world is more fun from a feline point of view.”

Check out Feline Opines for your self here.

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6 Responses to BLOGS I LOVE: Walk Through the Web Wednesday, by Feline Opines

  1. Brian says:

    They are always quite entertaining over there, we enjoy them too!

  2. mary mcneil says:

    We love this blog ! We read a lot of cat blogs too)

  3. Leah says:

    The kitties and I do love Feline Opines!

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