Every once in a while, I find a tidbit about Lux, the difficult cat I fostered for celebrity cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy in 2014. Because I can’t run around the country visiting cats as often as I’d wish, I have to take information where I can get it.

I recently came across an article posted last year by Pet Health Network, Jackson Galaxy: Thinking outside the Box to Improve Cat Behavior. In it, Jackson has a few things to say about Lux and his ongoing saga. Again he calls Lux his most difficult case. He still doesn’t name Lux’s whereabouts, so neither can I.

I want to see Lux again and hope in the coming year to travel more. Meanwhile, you are in the same position I am when it comes to Lux: watching the internet.

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6 Responses to LUX

  1. Awww poor Lux……………I think if I were a cat I would be Lux

  2. Brenda Bahorik says:

    Thank you Mollie. I wish that wherever he is he would let us know how he is.

  3. Valentine says:

    Is Lux in his furr-ever home now, Miss Mollie. I do hope he is safe & happy & getting all kinds of belly rubs! That was so nice of you to foster him. Mew Mew!

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      Though Luxie has not yet (to my knowledge) found his furr-ever home, he is where he will be cared for, loved, and pampered, (yes, belly-rubs!) for the rest of his life if needs be. It is my understanding that Jackson Galaxy is still working with him, and until he feels confident Lux can be in a home without acting out, he will stay put. Lux’s weird aggression is triggered by many things. One is clutter, which is probably why he didn’t like my house. He loves the clear, windowed space he has now, where he can be king of everything that’s going on. Lux is indeed a special case.

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